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Hi, I’m Felipe.

I’ll help you build your freedom, through your heart-centered business, in a caring and supportive way.


My big why, in my 20’s (I’m 31 now), was to live an adventure. I got tired of living a boring life and having fun only on my free time. That made me open up to the world, little by little… And I started enjoying this feeling of “oh f*ck, my stomach is sinking!”.

After some good, some bad experiences, I learned how important it is for me to take care of other people. And since I was in the endeavor of builing my own freedom, I got experience in business at the same time.

To really connect to people I have to become vulnerable, and that gives me the thrill of adventure I craved :)

If you want more details, keep reading!


After three years as a freelancer, I was fed up. I had been studying business strategies for ten years but much of it was too cold, salesy and disconnected from emotion, so much that I understood when people told me they DIDN’T want to learn business and frowned at words like marketing.

I got tired of seeing passionate entrepreneurs struggling to make ends meet, while the artificial ones that followed the formulas succeeded. There had to be another way, a path to be truthful, connected to myself and others, AND successful.

Fortunately I found some very good examples that inspired me to move forward. Little by little, I researched tools and examples, tried different strategies, worked with a few friends who were crazy enough to let me help them, dealt with the floating emotions of working by myself, until I knew I was onto something.

I discovered ways to use the powerful creativity and passion to build something that worked (bringing revenue) and had purpose (was worth doing).

I have the tools to help you move from creative chaos to consistent creation – to build the business that will give your freedom, the revenue you desire, AND not leave any parts of yourself behind.